Introducing THE DUAL mini

Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol introduces THE DUAL® mini, designed for personal care products

Germany-based Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol (T&DA) has introduced THE DUAL® mini, a slimmed-down version of its award-winning packaging used in the successful launch of Revlon’s Root EraseTM and JUSTPUSHTM hair colour in the US and Asia. Just like THE DUAL, the mini enables the separate storage of two components in a single can and the discharge with just one push.

Two formulations are hermetically sealed inside multi-layered aluminium pouches that prevent contamination or oxidation, guaranteeing the longevity of their contents. THE DUAL mini’s 2-in-1 function makes the packaging unique and provides a competitive edge in an innovation-driven market. The packaging, which uses only nitrogen as a propellant, mostly consists of aluminium to boost its recyclability.

Why THE DUAL mini?

In comparison to THE DUAL, this newly developed system is lighter, handier and attractive on display. These features make THE DUAL mini perfect for a variety of facial treatments, such as...

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