Introducing AeroFocus™

Pronova Laboratories’s new aerosol technology has excited the industry.

Based in Muiden in the Netherlands, Pronova Laboratories develops over-the-counter medical devices and cosmetic products. Founded in 1997 when it started developing its first product, Wartner®, a medical device for the removal of warts, Pronova has developed innovative technology that is set to shake up the aerosol industry.

Wartner was launched at the beginning of 1998 and is currently sold in more than 50 countries globally. After Wartner was sold to one of the key players in the over-the-counter market, Pronova brought another revolutionary change into the wart treatment market called Forwarts®. This unique product brings an innovative way to treat warts via cryotherapy, using a direct continuous spray technology.

“Forwarts has been one of Pronova’s primary projects over the past eight years,” said Diede Klever, research and development manager and inventor of the AeroFocus™ technology.

“Due to its complex valve technology and high-quality manufacturing requirements, it has been quite a challenge to bring...

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