Insecticides: what’s bugging the US industry?

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World Aerosols speaks to Matt Radmer, manager of the chemistry support group at insect control solutions firm MGK.

Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your role at MGK?

I came to MGK from a job in the pharmaceutical industry in May 2007, where I had previously been working as a synthetic chemist. MGK allowed me to learn about product formulation. Over time, I became more involved in aerosol formulation, specifically. This was a fun challenge for me due to the complex nature of aerosols. While there is a lot that can go wrong, a finely-tuned finished aerosol is a great way to dispense product. The customer simply gives the product a good shake, then reproducibly performs whatever treatment is intended.

What can you tell us about MGK’s aerosol insecticides range?

Aerosols have been an important part of MGK’s product portfolio for many decades. The product range is broken down into six basic categories: crawling insect, flying insect, wasp and hornet, flea and tick, lawn and garden, and fogger (total release system). These...

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