Inhalation Sciences wins order for PreciseInhale system

Swedish inhalation research company Inhalation Sciences has received an order worth 1.6 million SEK (€147,694) for its PreciseInhale® system from an existing customer. The order includes the platform’s integrated inhaler actuator.

PreciseInhale includes a range of modules for controlled exposures to aerosols. The system is used by companies studying inhalation and aerosols in pre-clinical experiments.

The system’s ability to generate aerosols from existing and new inhalers is of particular interest to the inhaled drug development industry, according to a release from Inhalation Sciences.

PreciseInhale includes an integrated, automated module that is software-controlled and can connect to and generate aerosols from any inhaler.

"It’s a sure sign of just how strong our system is when a customer invests in another instrument,” said CEO Lena Heffler. “This sale is a clear indication that users realise the importance of the PreciseInhale technology we deliver, and that they are willing to expand their investment in it.”

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