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Montana Colors was launched in Barcelona in 1994 by Jordi Rubio. Here, World Aerosols speaks to Rubio about growth, innovation and inspiration.

In Barcelona, spray paint brand Montana Colors has long been a favourite among street and graffiti artists. The company was founded in 1994 by Jordi Rubio Rocabert, a Barcelona native who started his career working in a paint factory. Now 55 years old, Rubio has transformed the company into a globally recognised source of quality spray paints, with a close connection to the art community.

“When I started this adventure called Montana Colors, I was 27,” Rubio told World Aerosols. “I had started studying law at the University of Barcelona but dropped out due to lack of motivation. I started working in a paint factory as a motorcycle messenger to pay for trips and mountain climbing equipment – my true passion.

“I rose up the ranks at that company until I got to work in the laboratory and took a few different courses in inorganic chemistry until I was fired for taking an extra week of vacations to climb a mountain.”

Rubio, who responds...

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