In conversation with Jean Blottiere

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World Aerosols speaks to Jean Blottiere, délégué général at the Comité Français des Aerosols (CFA), in this exclusive Q&A.

Where were you educated, and what was your first job?

I was born in Normandy in France and studied law at university in Brittany. My first paid job was as a bin man - great experience running after a garbage truck and excellent fitness!

What interested you about becoming involved in the aerosol industry?

Opportunity at first. I was living in Devizes, Wiltshire and working for a Japanese company manufacturing transformers, based there. Having spent few months in the Far East, my family wanted to see more of me. I applied for a sales job at Cebal, a company manufacturing aluminium aerosol cans based in Devizes and it all started then and there. It lasted for 19 years before taking over at the CFA.

What do you enjoy most about your role as délégué général at the CFA?

Versatility - my days are never the same. But my primary role is to promote aerosols and facilitate the development of...

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