In conversation with Jago Pro

Ewa Kubis-Jarzec, head of research and development at Jago Pro, discusses developments in aerosol tanning products, make-up and sustainability goals

Since 1993, Polish aerosol company Jago Pro has developed an impressive range of products and solutions. In addition to providing simple aerosol products such as deodorants, hairspray and air fresheners, the firm has implemented new technologies in the cosmetic and personal care sectors.

Jago Pro’s many accomplishments in bringing new products and processes to the market are largely due to its research and development team, led by Ewa Kubis-Jarzec. World Aerosols caught up with Ewa to find out more about her team’s most exciting projects and the company’s sustainability goals.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Jago Pro?

My name is Ewa Kubis-Jarzec and for 15 years I have developed not only new products at Jago Pro, but also expanded the research and development team to meet the needs of our customers. My department is formed of technologists, microbiologists and analytical specialists. In our...

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