How aerosol recycling impacts the circular economy

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Howard Ray and Wade Scheel, of Clean Earth, discuss the importance of aerosol recycling and its role in achieving sustainability goals.

After a tumultuous year, companies are eager to return to pre-pandemic success and pick up plans that were put on hold. Many of those plans included sustainability initiatives, such as working to move toward zero waste, as opposed to outright disposal.

As the market is flooded with options for consumers, public scrutiny over a company’s sustainability initiatives has increased. Firms have begun publishing their sustainability progress in annual environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) reports. This directly impacts specific investment portfolios, with corporate social responsibility (CSR) being one of the primary drivers of whether or not an investor will choose to invest in or divest from a company.

Additionally, watchdog organisations have sustainability or ‘green’ scorecards for companies to guide or encourage the consumer into making choices about who they buy from. One way that companies can enact sustainability efforts is by contributing to the circular...

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