Hinterkopf acquires license for presses

Hinterkopf, an aerosols manufacturer based in Einslingen, Germany, announced that it has acquired the license to manufacture and supply impact-extrusion (IE) presses from fellow Germany-based manufacturer Schuler Pressen’s X.S and X.L series.

According to the release, Hinterkopf’s decision enables it to complete production lines for the manufacturing of aerosol cans, aluminium bottles and tubes.

Presses are an ‘integral’ part of production lines for cylindrical hollow containers, Hinterkopf stated, claiming that the presses set the pace and define the geometric quality of the manufactured cylinders.

Higher grade aluminium alloys as well as thin wall technology cans place an even greater emphasis on presses.

Hinterkopf announced that it is also planning further advancements to its use of press technology to coincide with the license acquisition. Areas of focus include reducing contamination of the press area, as well as lowering heat and equipment wear.

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