HCPA 2018 Annual Report

2018 was the year for the Household and Commercial Products Association, the HCPA, to rebrand and relaunch; a year for the Association and its members to put down roots with which to grow in the coming years

The HCPA 2018 Annual Report reflects the voice of the Association in the context of an industry that is constantly evolving, and quickly. Add to this that the member companies are responsible for 200,000 jobs, 0.5% of US gross domestic product and contributed $180 billion (€160 billion) to the US economy last year.

The Report details the strategic priorities for the Association, of advocacy, communication and a role as networking facilitator to “Serve as a forum to build relationships, share industry best practices and provide programs and resources that strengthen that value proposition for members,” states the Report.

Last October, Steve Caldeira, HCPA president and CEO, and Owen Caine, HCPA executive vice president, government relations & public policy, met with Andrew Wheeler, the then Environmental Protection Agency administrator, for an information sharing exercise looking at the economic contributions of the industry. On behalf of its membership, including its largest division for aerosol products, the HCPA advocated against tariffs and repeatedly called on President Trump, the Commerce Secretary and the US Trade Representative to stop trade disputes.

2018 was also a year of consolidation for the HCPA, to generate further trust as the industry voice, “The HCPA rebranding clarified the identity and policy priorities of the industry, highlighting our industry’s economic impact and further strengthening the association’s ability to collaborate with other organisations,” states Pamela Lam of Henkel Consumer Goods, and 2019 HCPA chairperson. This is highlighted by many events throughout 2018, one such being Caldeira reporting at the Aerosol Dispensing Forum (ADF) in New York and Paris, providing legislative and regulatory updates in a presentation on industry public policy.

The association provides opportunities for members to gain knowledge and develop new business relationships, “HCPA continues to work hard to find new and innovative ways to improve the value proposition for its members,” states Terrence “Jerry” Porter of Procter & Gamble, and HCPA first vice chair. In Chicago for example, and new for 2018, the HCPA and the Midwest Aerosol Association (MAA) hosted the Aerosol Interchange, bringing together aerosol industry leaders and suppliers to participate in an aerosol “assumption-busting session” that challenged the notion of which factors actually influence aerosol usage and consumer attitudes.

The HCPA 2018 Annual Report can be found in full here.

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