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US Ecology and DeSpray Environmental have launched the first full aerosol recycling system in the US. World Aerosols spoke to Ken Knibbs, vice-president of technical services at US Ecology, to find out more.

Despite its challenges, 2020 has seen a wealth of innovative aerosol projects come to fruition. For US Ecology and DeSpray Environmental, that project was focused on tackling the waste issue surrounding aerosols.

Back in 2015, a large retail customer of US Ecology came to the firm with a problem: they were considered a small quantity generator for every waste profile the company managed for them, except aerosol cans. At this time, aerosol cans were still classified as hazardous under RCRA rule, so US Ecology’s customer was being subjected to increased regulations and waste management fees, simply because of this one waste profile. In response, US Ecology set out to find solutions for its customer, and explored aerosol recycling solutions to allow them to reduce their generator waste status for their aerosol can waste.

“Under direction of our executive team, I tasked my technical services group to begin...

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