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Germany-based Aerochemica is a contract filler with a very diverse portfolio. The firm spoke to World Aerosols about its Covid bounce-back and its optimistic outlook.

AeroChemica Dr Deppe is a medium-sized family business that is located in Kempen in the west of Germany, near the Dutch border. It produces approximately 20 million spray cans per year on about 8.000m² pf production, warehouse and office facilities purely as a contract filler, without any of its own brands.

It has a diverse portfolio, with the capability to offer products in the household, technical, cosmetics, food and nutrition sectors – as well as medicine.

"In addition to contract filling, we operate our own development laboratory with three chemists, a biologist, three laboratory assistants and an apprentice, Lucas Deppe, sales manager at Aerochemica. "Here we carry out both the development of customer inquiries and the creation of our own product ideas. On several occasions we have been able to turn even seemingly dream ideas into reality."

Global headwinds

In light of the global events that have affected the...

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