Four eyes are better than two

Catchwords like automation and industry 4.0 are easier said than put into practice. Although aerosol can producers are facing increasing quality requirements and cost pressure they still have to compromise between a zero-defect target and a high output rate. One weak spot is the final quality inspection at the end of the production process.

Jonas Auerswald, technical sales manager for Mühlbauer’s industrial image processing department TEMA Vision, illustrates how fullyautomatic final inspection at the end of the
production line works and what it means for the aerosol can industry.

Inspection systems within the production line are common practice. What makes final inspection still essential?

The end-of-line inspection cannot and will not replace inline vision systems which detect defects where they occur to enable quick interventions and prevent unacceptable quality from being further processed. But defects can develop anywhere downstream in the process, and may have been missed. A constantly high level of delivery quality can only be guaranteed by a final inspection which today is often manual. Now that the...

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