Formulated Solutions promotes eN₂fused whipped lotion technology

Manufacturing and development company, Formulated Solutions, pushes its eNfused Whipped Lotion Technology to the US and global marketplaces.

Formulated Solutions has launched its patent-pending innovative dispensing technology, designed to support ease of application, as well as convenient and rapid absorption.


What does this new technology do?

The eN₂fused whipped lotion technology, created by the US producer, has implemented a cutting-edge gas-infused formula. This unique advancement then spurs microbubbles, which expand when dispersed.

Ideal for the consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical marketplace, this technology produces customised whipped and luxurious formulations.

Formulated Solutions has forged relationships with brand partners, who use the company’s proprietary eN₂fused whipped lotion technology to appeal to consumers seeking a unique and attractive texture.


Industry nods

The US company’s innovative technology has received three accolades from leading organisations. Formulated Solutions’ whipped lotion technology collected the Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award by Allure Magazine.

The Aerosol Dispensing Forum (ADF) presented the company with a Personal Care Innovation Award, and it also won the prestigious Aerosol Innovation Award given by the Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA).


Working with partners


To advance technology and production processes for aerosol and pressurised packs, Formulated Solutions is teaming up with partners to offer its in-house R&D and marketing capabilities to aid formulation development.

Formulated Solutions works with these companies to produce new prototypes, enhance existing products or reformulate items for market launch.

A player in the consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical aerosol and bag-on-valve sectors, Formulated Solutions uses its cleanroom bag-on-valve production facility and R&D to support businesses with regulatory compliance, raw material selection, technical specifications, fitness and quality testing, and value propositioning.

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