Foaming aerosol solutions for the pharma industry

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Formulated Solutions discusses the benefits of aerosol foams and other ‘whipped’ dispensing technologies.  

Pressurised package dispensing has commonly been the first choice for the convenient, touch-free application of topical pharmaceutical preparations.

Aerosol foams, along with other innovative ‘whipped’ dispensing technologies such as Formulated Solutions’s patented eN2fused™ dispensing platform, have carved out a niche in the service of product compliance and delivering on the promise of a more ideal user experience.

Aerosol foams have been available for almost as long as aerosols themselves, but broad-scale adoption within the directed consumer self-care category has only taken hold in substantial ways in recent years.

This recent boom in adoption is arguably the result of the adoption of design thinking approaches to new product development, popularised by influential design firms and global consumer packaged goods such as Procter and Gamble and SC Johnson. At the core of the design thinking approach is prioritising consumer needs above all else and leveraging observation,...

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