First smokeless, Nano Mist Aerosol tech

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R2 Innovations has announced the completion of its Air2, Nano Mist Aerosol Nicotine Inhaler. 

It said: “Following years of research and product development, the Air2 delivery system is the first of its kind, smokeless, use-anywhere reduced nicotine inhaler, infused with functional botanical terpenes to deliver a safer, less addictive experience to tobacco users.”

R2 said its efforts to deliver such a “revolutionary device and product offering” to the tobacco market, could result in an unprecedented effect in slashing smoking-related deaths globally, while staying in-step with the current Biden administration’s ‘unified agenda’. 

The unified agenda is a compilation of planned federal regulatory actions released twice a year, including the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed standard “that would establish a maximum nicotine level in cigarettes and certain finished tobacco products by May 2023.”

The Air2 patent pending, delivery system, available in Q1, 2023, uses a micelle, water-based, 99 percent pure natural product extracted from tobacco leaves, to deliver a smokeless, nicotine alternative to electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). 

“Providing a novel, reduced nicotine product, while achieving the same desired nicotine experience smokers have come to expect from smoking tobacco, or using ENDS is our objective,” said Robert Matuszewski, chief technology officer of R2 Innovations.

The Air2 nicotine delivery device eliminates the need of a power source, heating elements, and the associated unsustainable disposable batteries that not only generate toxic waste, but also compound plastic and electronic waste. Air2 also addresses the deficiencies of inaccurate and inconsistent dosing with ENDS, by incorporating a metered valve that dispenses a precise volume of proprietary micelle nicotine formula. 

“R2’s nicotine formulas are micellised, a phase separation of water from oil, making them bio-absorbable, or more bioavailable to the body without changing their molecular form and structure allowing up to 80 percent less nicotine to achieve similar results compared to smoking or vaping,” explained Robert Senter, chief executive officer of R2 Innovations.

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