Finnish firm to deliver shredder to Tata Steel recycling plant

Finnish industrial machinery company Metso has been awarded with an order to deliver a shredder for steel giant Tata Steel’s new steel scrap recycling plant. The order of the Texas ShredderTM PS marks the first steel scrap shredding facility in India.

Tata Steel is one of the world’s largest steel-producing firms, with manufacturing operations in 26 countries. Metso and Tata Steel have been partners in India for some 25 years. Metso’s recycling technology offers efficient solutions for the fragmentation, compaction and separation of every type of metal scrap. Each piece of equipment is designed to help drive sustainability improvements. Sustainability is a key theme of aerosol manufacturing and production in 2019, including steel and aluminium aerosol cans.

Keith Carroll, director of business development at Metso Metal Recycling, said: “We are very honoured that Tata Steel is relying on our proven metal shredding technology, which is among the most comprehensive in the industry.

“Many of our processing equipment solutions are globally recognised as the benchmark for their product types.”




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