Finalists announced for ADF Innovation Awards 2023

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In December 2022, the ADF jury, comprised of high-level experts from brands including KAO, Beiersdorf and Unilever amongst others, came together to judge the ADF Innovation Awards. The finalists have now been announced and are as below.
Personal care
- Biore U the body - KAO: Biore U the body(foaming body wash) has new foaming pump which can dispense fine and fluffy foam like a whipped cream. In addition, the bottle is made by recycled PET material.
- Paco Rabanne fame deodorant - PUIG & ENVASES GROUP: During the last four years, ENVASES GROUP developed a specific printing technology, fully integrated on the production line, which now makes it possible to offer fully registered matt and gloss renderings, in addition to printing a glossy foil.
X Silicone Spray 'n Glide Silicone Lube - Tri-Pac, Inc: They used a new technology valve, and actuator partners at Aptar & Precision, used a combination of different weight non Newtonian silicones that would shear thin and give an optimum stream during use, and once sprayed, settle into the use points without dripping. Additionally, playing with the propellant technology they were able to ensure that the spray does not cause cooling to the intimate areas of use and propellant flashes off during spray.
- Recycled 100% Recyclable droppers range - VIROSPACK SLU: This dropper contains a high level of PCR materials, in all components -bulb, cap, and pipette. The main objective was sustainability—respect for the environment with aesthetics, personalization, and maintaining high-quality standards. This development has been carried out as always internally by the technical and R&D teams. Development of a range of droppers for cosmetics, with different models, sizes, and necks, fully recyclable. 100% recyclable droppers made of recycled materials in all components.
Industrial & technical application
- CG-HP40 Multigun – Novatech and Altachem: The aim of this project was to create a unique caulking gun suitable for all degrees of viscosity, giving the user one gun for all caulking jobs. The gun needed to have easy and stepless adjustability that was self-explanatory to the user. It also needed to be ergonomically optimal with well-balanced distribution of weight and a soft grip and trigger shape with an attractive design. We had to create a robust gun that is light weight and within the acceptable dimension limits so it can be used with different hand sizes.
Kingfisher bespoke applicator – Kingfisher & LINDAL Group: The product that was designed was a three-part applicator that is sold separately, as a standalone product. A nozzle is provided on the side of the can which upon use is attached to the top of a LINDAL high delivery valve on the can. The reusable actuator then easily screws onto that can, making the product ready for use.
Concept of the year
- Refillable Bag-on-Valve - Coster Group: Coster has designed the overall industrial layout of the refill machine to be combined with a traditional aerosol system with Coster BOV. The structure of the machine is designed to be integrated in a final consumer machine layout. The BOV refill process would allow aerosol packaging to be refilled, giving it a longer life, with considerable savings in resources and at the same time offering an engaging and conscious consumer experience.
Foil2Can - TUBEX GmbH & Isimat GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen: Until now, it was impossible to combine highly polished reflective surfaces with brushed metal surfaces in parallel in the industrial production process. Matt varnish and silkscreen print and inline FOILING ® on one can and applied in one process, has so far not been possible. This is the first can that combines all these design elements manufactured in one machine pass. The Foil2can decoration offers designers and brand owners new advantages and enables products in monobloc aluminium aerosol cans to be placed in new categories and segments.
- PURe Sustainability - TUBEX GmbH & Isimat GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen: Two award-winning concepts finally combined in one can. This can manufacturer feels sustainability in aerosol cans doesn’t stop with the use of recycled aluminium. There is much more you can do in terms of sustainability – every little task counts. Printing inks and overvarnish are getting “greener” and more sustainable. The working environment improves greatly with the use of both. So the combination of natural inks and biodegradable overvarnish on an aluminium monobloc aerosol can made of 60 % real PCR® inclusion is the ultimate (most) sustainable aerosol can in can manufacturing worldwide.
- SprayPET Revolution - Plastipak: Until now, PET aerosol used metal valve cups with rubber gaskets. To achieve 100% recyclabillity within the standard PET stream, Plastipak developed a new valve that met the market demands of a metal-free as well as gasket-free solution. A key part of the brief was to bring forward a solution giving at least the same performance than current aerosols. The valve utilises new polymers for sealing that have a molecular density of less than 1g/cm3, which makes the separation easy in the recycling stream. We are using spin welding technology to attach the valve and it is available as a dip-tube or BOV.
Sustainable innovation
Eco Dropper - Yonwoo: Existing droppers composed of glass/rubber/PP or ABS, etc. is difficult for separate waste collection and recycling. Thus, Yonwoo developed a mono-material dropper which is 100% recyclable. Substitute existing dropper materials (rubber/glass) into mono-material (PP, Polypropylene) while keeping the same functionality, performance, usability and minimising the raw material usage.
Airless pump Mono Tube - Yonwoo: The aim of this project is the development of the eco-friendly item made of mono material (PP/PE) which can be separate - discharge and 100% recycled since discharging and recycling of vacuum pump tubes made of composite materials (Metal/Rubber/PP/POM/PE) is difficult. It has the same functions, performance and usability as existing vacuum pump tube products without excessive residual amount and leakage due to the tightening gap between the pump and the tube, which does not occur with the existing flexible PE tube.
- SprayPET Revolution - Plastipak
- ArcelorMittal sustainable aerosol - ArcelorMittal Flat Europe: This aerosol prototype (Ø 52 mm/Brimful 210 ml) combines the recent achievements ArcelorMittal proposed to the aerosol world, with the guideline to benefit for people and planet. The three value propositions of our new solution for aerosol container: lower metal usage to preserve primary resources; ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates contribute to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions in the steelmaking phase of production; and parts of the aerosol are made with chromium-free passivated tinplate (CFPA).
An official awards ceremony will be held on 25 & 26 January 2023 at Paris Packaging Week. Register now to attend and discover the best aerosol packaging of the year. And hear from the jury about the trends that will help drive your future innovation projects!

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