Febreze reveals its 2023 “Annual Scent of the Year”

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Febreze has announced its 2023 Scent of the Year as Mountain. Brand owner Procter & Gamble (P&G) said Mountain is: "A sophisticated scent that reflects our efforts to connect with the earth and create moments of zen amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
"The 2023 Scent of the Year honours the beauty of the great outdoors, evoking the sweet serenity of uninterrupted nature."
According to P&G, Mountain's first and dominant note is alpine - a fresh scent with a hint of crisp fruit that is "reminiscent of fresh air on a cool winter day." It added that "Alpine melds with the aromatic fragrances of North American wildflowers and violet leaves, before being rounded out with the soothing smell of woodsy cedar."
Febreze master perfumer Rafael Trujillo said: “The world is prioritising wellbeing more than ever before. As we continue to bring mindfulness to the forefront, connecting to nature has become an essential aspect in life - from the activities we pursue, to the food we eat, to the atmosphere we create when we scent style our homes. Febreze Mountain transports you outside and calms your mind – it is a complex scent that is both powerful yet calming.”
P&G said Trujillo and the team of perfumers at the Febreze Fragrance Group - a special division within P&G’s Innovation Foresight of Fragrance and Ingredients - designed the Scent of the Year to reflect how consumers today are feeling and the scents they're craving in their home.
After conducting an intensive research and development process that included seasonal scent analysis and global trend forecasts, the Group identified a collective focus on wellness, need for increased mindfulness and thirst for the outdoors that informed the creation of Mountain.

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