Febreze launches 2024 “Scent of the Year”

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Procter & Gamble-owned Febreze is launching its third annual Scent of the Year, which it has named Romance & Desire.
P&G said this scent was specifically created to "help ignite your inner passion for connection and spark an intimate mood in every room."
It added that the scent of Romance & Desire combines pink rose petals with champagne.
“With the rise of social media and offices continuing to work from home, we’ve seen an uptick in those craving in-person connection in our digital focused world,” said Febreze master perfumer Rafael Trujillo.
“As society continues to evolve into a digital universe, we can’t forget that as humans our primary need to thrive is human connection. Febreze Romance & Desire reminds us of our love for love – it’s a passionate scent that ignites your inner need to bond with others.”
Trujillo and the Febreze Fragrance Group, a special division within P&G’s Innovation Foresight of Fragrance and Ingredients, designed the Scent of the Year to address how consumers are feeling and the "scents they are craving in their home."
This year’s research and global-trend forecasts found a collective focus on connection and romance, which led to the development of Romance & Desire as the 2024 Scent of the Year, according to the corporation.

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