Febreze introduces “Mood Collection”

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Procter & Gamble's (P&G) Febreze has introduced the new Mood Collection, a set of three blended scents the company designed to "set the atmosphere of every room in your home".Each scent in the Mood Collection features fragrance notes known to evoke certain moods—such as citrus for energy, roses for romance, and shea butter for calming, according to P&G.The collection marks a departure from traditional Febreze offerings because the sprays are named for the mood they intend to evoke, rather than the fragrance profile, added the corporation.The three scents in the new lineup are called Refresh & Energise; Romance & Desire; and Soothe & Restore. “Our research revealed consumers are interested in air care not only as a way to fight odors and leave a fresh scent behind, but specifically as a way to impact their moods,” said Angelica Matthews, Febreze brand vice president. “The new Mood Collection delivers on an emotional need. Not only does it just smell great, but it helps consumers shift from considering how an air freshener can make their room smell, to how an air freshener can make their room feel.”

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