FEA releases 2022 annual report and 2021 aerosol production figures

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Despite the “end of the tunnel for the Covid 19 pandemic” being in sight, Urs Hauser, the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) president, pointed to other “key challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation” as “existential threats to Europe; addressing them should not be delayed.”
He emphasised that the EU recovery will be “accompanied by a green and digital transformation”.
Steering committee
Volker Krampe, chair of the steering committee, gave an update on the key topics it dealt with throughout 2021/22.
This work includes establishing a new Compartmented Technologies Task Force, which will draft a FEA guide on compartmented technologies. It also converted the VOC Working Group into an Emissions Working Group and disbanded the Health Classification Task Force and the Waterbath Test Alternatives TF “which accomplished their tasks”.
Regarding the trade of aerosol dispensers with the United Kingdom (UK), the committee agreed an updated briefing paper on dual labelling of reversed epsilon and UKCA marking, following the publication of new legislative texts in the UK.
It also adopted a...

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