FEA 2019 aerosol filling data revealed

The European Aerosol Federation (FEA) has released its annual global aerosol filling data.

The figures show 5.4 billion aerosols were filled in Europe in 2019, compared to 5.5 billion in 2018.

In terms of the overall market share, the UK, Germany, and France provided more than 60% of the annual aerosol production in Europe across all segments. Together with Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, almost 4 billion units of aerosol dispensers were produced in 2019.

In terms of aerosol production by segment, the FEA reported aerosol containers are still primarily made of steel and aluminium, whereas glass and plastic containers remain “marginal”. Cosmetics and household products represent more than 75% of European production.

The figures showed 57.3% of aerosols produced were personal care products, a slight increase compared to 2018. In total, 21.8% were household products, 8% automotive/industrial, 5.64% paints/varnishes, 4.3% food/miscellaneous, 2.95% pharmaceutical/vet and 20.9% ‘other’ aerosols.

Delving further into the personal care segment, the FEA reported that the majority of aerosols produced were deodorants and antiperspirants (1.87 billion), followed by hairsprays (567 million), shaving mousse & gels (315 million), hair mousse (171 million), and others at 220 million.

In the household aerosol production segment, the FEA figures show the majority of aerosols filled were air fresheners (613 million), followed by insecticides and plant protection products (241 million), furniture waxes and polishes (80 million), shoe and leather care products (42 million), textile and fabric care products (39 million), bathroom and kitchen cleaning mousse (21 million), oven cleaners (10.9 million), and ‘others’ (149 million).

Looking more closely at the ‘other’ category, the statistics revealed paints and varnishes, including automobile use, came out on top at 309.8 million, closely followed by industrial and technical aerosol products (286 million), pharmaceutical and veterinary products (162 million), miscellaneous (179 million), automotive products (excluding paints) (152 million), and food products (56 million).

The FEA report also revealed global figures. In the US, 3.6 billion aerosols were filled, followed by 2.57 billion in China, 1.17 billion in Brazil, 654 million in Argentina, 644 million in Mexico, 527 million in Japan, 302 million in South Africa, 301 million in Thailand and 240 million in Australia.

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