Eviosys surpasses its yearly emissions objectives

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Eviosys, a leader in the global packaging industry, has broken its own records and surpassed its yearly objectives in both CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, as detailed in its latest ESG report.
Building on the firm’s inaugural report published in 2022, Eviosys said it has continued to make impressive progress, outperforming its ambitious emissions goals, and gaining industry recognition.
Last year the company was awarded EcoVadis Gold Certification for its sustainability credentials. This award ranks the firm in the top 2% of over 100,000 suppliers assessed by EcoVadis that year, and recognises Eviosys as a global powerhouse for sustainability.
Furthermore, as a new signatory of the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – Eviosys is now turning to address its scope 3 emissions by introducing a new supplier code of conduct which, for the first time, requires its partners to comply with the sustainability principles of the programme, and align with the Sustainable Development Goals.
This new code of conduct will see Eviosys conduct an extensive review of the entire supply chain and attribute ratings to suppliers in order to promote improved sustainability throughout.
Having succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions scopes 1 and 2 by more than 10% in 2022, Eviosys has surpassed its annual reduction target of 3.1% per production of million normalised cans.
With a cumulative reduction of 15% since 2020, Eviosys is already ahead of its plan for 20% reduction goal by 2027.
This progress in 2022 represents almost twice the already impressive reduction in emissions detailed in the firm’s 2021 report and puts Eviosys on track to achieve Net Zero byv2050 goal, which was laid out in the Paris Agreement.
Eviosys has also reduced VOC emissions by 10% within a year, thanks to the implementation of smart incinerators, a better controlled activity and monitoring to save resources and a continuous ambition to convert to water-base products.
Eviosys added it is demonstrating its commitment to reducing emissions. Investments from the firm include new equipment such as smart high-economy oxidisers to reduce CO2 emissions and new solar panels to deliver 19% energy saving at specific plants.
Reflecting on this year’s impressive progress, Laurent Leucio, EHS and sustainability director at Eviosys said: “This year’s ESG report shows our absolute dedication to sustainability. Achievements of this scale can only be accomplished by a holistic approach to reducing emissions, as Eviosys demonstrates by ensuring that we are all committed and investing at each stage of production and operations to limit our environmental impact and help our customers do the same.”

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