Eviosys opens R&D Centre in Wantage, UK

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Eviosys has opened its Research and Development (R&D) Centre in Wantage, UK.
The organisation said the opening of the facility marks a milestone in its mission to drive innovation.
It added that Eviosys' R&D Network spans across its operations in Europe, spearheaded by the R&D Centre located in Wantage.
The centre is at the forefront of pioneering research, technology development and product design in the sustainable packaging sector, according to the company.
The R&D centre features a materials and component testing laboratory, which Eviosys said underscores its commitment to delivering scientific expertise in the metal packaging industry.
It also features a pilot manufacturing facility that enables Eviosys to work closely with its customers, added the business.
"The centre further supports Eviosys’ industry leadership by providing a cutting-edge facility to test products, enhance processes and create market-leading packaging solutions," continued the firm.
The organisation pointed to its record of innovation, including products aimed at reducing plastic consumption such as Horizon, light-weight metal packaging with Ecopeel, and advanced technologies that promote packaging inclusivity through designs like Orbit.
"We are thrilled to open the doors to our R&D Centre in Wantage," said David Hall, R&D director at Eviosys. "This facility represents our commitment to driving sustainable packaging innovation and delivering exceptional products to our customers. Eviosys is determined to lead the way in shaping the future of packaging, and this centre is the embodiment of our dedication to that goal."


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