Eviosys launches EvioLink, bringing cans into the digital age

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As part of the ADF - Paris Packaging Week taking place from June 29 to 30, Eviosys, leading global supplier of metal packaging, announced the launch of its latest innovation, EvioLink. This unique QR code printed directly onto each product provides manufacturers and consumers with a solution to key challenges: sustainable development, traceability, the fight against counterfeiting, and personalised purchasing experience.

Ever attentive to the latest consumer trends, Eviosys adopts a dynamic approach to innovation that reconciles the needs of its customers with those of end consumers in a way that respects the environment. The launch of EvioLink for its promotional packaging and aerosol products opens countless opportunities.

For manufacturers, EvioLink offers:

  • Infinite personalisation: Brands will be able to link specific content to each QR code (especially for online sales) to create a unique experience based on the person's profile or where they consume the product. Eviosys will also be able to offer solutions directly to customers in partnership with KURZ, a leader in thin film technology and functional coatings for a wide variety of products.

  • An anti-counterfeiting solution: Thanks to their unique QR code, brands will be able to confirm if duplicates and/or incorrect codes are scanned. According to a study released by EUIPO, Europol and the OECD, counterfeiting costs Europe over 15 billion euros a year.

  • Enhanced traceability: In the event of a product recall, EvioLink enables manufacturers to prevent risks related to product non-compliance and helps to identify every step of the production and marketing process. Brands will be able to quickly stop the distribution of a recalled product and avoid many of the problems that could result from it.

  • A sustainable development solution: Brands will be able to scan products across different stages of the supply chain and thus provide data on the carbon footprint of transport, location, and filling dates.

For end consumer: 

  • Offering a renewed purchasing experience: When buying online, consumers will be offered the opportunity to upload and embed their own content in the QR code, such as digital maps, videos and more.

  • Enhanced inclusiveness: The QR code allows all consumers to access product information. With over 30 million blind and partially sighted people in geographical Europe, EvioLink could provide key information for visually challenged people.

Once the codes have been received by the customers, Eviosys prints them directly onto the packaging. At present, this printing is only done in the Eviosys plant in Châtillon-sur-Seine in France. However, this new solution could be deployed across the group's various plants in Europe. EvioLink thus opens new growth and development prospects for the entire group.

Isabelle Le Graët, marketing, communication & sustainability manager said: “We’re constantly evolving our packaging to be always modern, user-friendly and unique. For customers and consumers seeking increased traceability and a personalised shopping experience as well as creating a confidence relationship with brands, we offer unique QR codes embedded in the packaging design. Printing accurate and unique QR code is a technical accomplishment as well a unique challenge. EvioLink demonstrates our continued commitment to providing innovative solutions for both our industrial customers and end consumers in an environmentally friendly manner and opens up new opportunities for the group.”



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