Dutch firm Weener Plastics receives ISCC Plus accreditation

Dutch plastic packaging solutions firm Weener Plastics has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus accreditation for its use of sustainable raw materials.

ISCC Plus is an EU-based, leading global certification system supporting the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production in global supply chains. The certification covers all sustainable feedstocks including bio-based and chemically recycled materials. With this system, the origin of raw materials can be verified and traced back through every step of the supply chain.

Weener Plastics, which focuses on dispensing, containing and closing in the personal care, food, beverage and home care markets, aims to implement the ISCC scheme globally. The company’s manufacturing site in Ede, the Netherlands, is the group’s first facility to be accredited with the ISCC Plus certificate, meaning it can offer certified sustainable materials including low carbon alternatives such as mechanically recycled PCR.

In a statement, the company said: “Under the ISCC system, Weener Plastics provides prime materials, so the same high quality with a lower carbon footprint. These certified sustainable materials meet all required product specifications and functionalities.

“The ISCC Plus accreditation is the most recent example in a list of initiatives to reduce environmental footprint. Weener Plastics’ dedicated materials team selects and tests low carbon materials. It investigates the feasibility and processability of many materials, and advise customers to find sustainable solutions for their product applications.”

Weener Plastics’ Innovation and Development Team designs and develops “smart, value-added solutions that matter”, challenging themselves and customers to investigate innovation and sustainability options for products and technologies. The company added: “This way, we can support customers to lower their carbon footprint and help them achieve their ambitious sustainability targets.”

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