DFNS uses bespoke Coster actuators on new product

Global lifestyle care brand, DFNS, based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Coster to use its innovative texture technologies.

Coster’s bespoke actuators and overcaps were designed to suit DFNS’s brand for its new footwear care product. The actuators give a unique design and identity to the brand, with an ‘eye-catching effect’, making the product ‘impossible not to get noticed’, according to Coster.

Coster’s texture technologies have breathed new life into traditional aerosol actuators, allowing for greater personalisation and enhancement. In a statement, the firm said: “The textured surfaces of the actuators boosts the value of the colourful line on the shelves, adding personality and keeping the young and cool consistent image coordination of the brand.”

Using this innovative technology, customers can create their own pattern on the surface of the actuator, choosing from bubbles, glittering, soft-touch, golfing and lettering effects, among others.

From a technical perspective, textures are applied on the matrixes of the moulds, both on existing (limiting the impact of new investments) and dedicated ones. They can be applied to both actuator and overcap, and multiple textures can be produced on the same mould.

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