Despray begins collaboration with JDM Australia, plans new product launch

Despray has ‘officially’ appointed JDM Australia to act as the exclusive sales and service representative for the company’s patented aerosol recycling technology.

A sister company to the Boessenkool/OEM group, Netherlands based Despray was recently crowned the ‘Most innovative company in the Netherlands’. In addition, Despray recently received recognition at the FEA event in Dusseldorf, with a special recycling award for the company’s new small design for filling plants.

According to Despray, its technology boasts ‘the World’s first and only containerised aerosol recycling technology’.

As well as being a turnkey aerosols recycling system, Despray’s technology has safety features and gas purification technology. The company claims that 100% of the liquids, gases and metal can be recycled.

JDM represents a range of manufacturers of recycling equipment. It provides full backup services such as technical support, spare parts and servicing of all it product lines. Its equipment servicing is carried out by a network of service agents and contractors across Australia.

“Containerising this Aerosol technology will revolutionise the Aerosol spray can market,” claims Despray managing director Mike MacKay.

“We now have the technology and medium to deal with the 15 billion spray cans produced each year and turn this hazardous waste problem into an environmental win. We are looking forward to joining up with industry leaders and innovators to bring this vital technology to the Worldwide market.”

A ‘soft launch’ of the product took place at the recent AWRE show in Sydney, Australia. Mike MacKay told World Aerosols that “Our expectation is to do the real launch at the upcoming Pollutech show in Lyon, France at the end of November.

“Our preliminary data from enquiries shows that that this is going to be a big success,” he continued.

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