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Precision has reinvented its original ACCUSOL actuator, an innovative product launched in the 1980s, to improve usability and sustainability.

Precision’s original ACCUSOL actuator was developed in the 1980s and introduced as the first trigger spray system for pressurised products in 1984. The concept behind this innovative development was to provide customers with the most convenient solution, compared to pumps, accurate product delivery, and a tamper-evident feature, but above all, allowing continuous spraying.

Marketing tests carried out at the time showed that consumers preferred an aerosol with a trigger dispenser like ACCUSOL, said Precision, with 89% preferring methods like ACCUSOL to finger pumps, and 74% compared to trigger pumps. As a result, this first trigger actuator for an aerosol was a small revolution of its kind and was quickly adopted worldwide.

Later, Precision brought to market a lighter version of the actuator, called Jailhouse. For the last 35 years, the ACCUSOL range has become an iconic trigger actuator in the aerosol market.

Now, Precision has re-imagined the original...

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