Customer collaboration is key

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World Aerosols speaks to Dave Burks, chief operating officer at Diversified CPC, and Bill Auriemma, president and CEO, about the importance of customer collaboration in propellant production.

Could you tell us about Diversified CPC’s ‘The Power of Purity’ process?

At Diversified CPC, we produce the world’s highest-purity aerosol propellants tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The Power of Purity translates into powerful benefits for our customers. These include improved product performance, improved plant performance, and a reduced environmental footprint.

How does the process work and how was it developed?

Diversified CPC produces and distributes a variety of aerosol propellants, but what sets us apart is our ability to innovate custom propellants and blends that meet customer goals and specifications. Customer requests vary, so it is imperative that our approach is consistent.

We designed a five-step process to ensure all customer needs are met – from product design, to plant...

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