Croda forms strategic alliance with SiSaf

Speciality chemicals company, Croda, and biotech brand, SiSaf form a strategic partnership to access and advance SiSaf’s drug delivery technology.

The UK-based duo has entered into a commercial agreement, which will see high performance ingredient and technologies name, Croda, develop the biopharmaceutical company’s new, patented drug delivery technology, ProSilic.

As part of this new collaboration, Croda has also purchased a minority share in SiSaf’s business.


Aerosol freshener sprays

Active ingredients, format, fragrances and naturally-derived botanical extracts are increasingly present in new product concepts, formulations and launches.

As consumers are seeking personalised, multifunctional and precise products, Croda has focused on evolving its air care product range.

It has concentrated on providing long-lasting fragrance dispersion in its aerosol freshener sprays to meet these demands and rapidly-changing trends.


Patented technology

Through teaming up with SiSaf’s novel bio-courier technology, Croda will access ProSilic to provide targeted, controlled, safe and versatile drug delivery.

Aimed at global healthcare customers who are interested in boosting product performance, Dr Nick Challoner, President Life Sciences, Croda, explained: “The cultural fit between Croda and SiSaf, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, means that this strategic partnership will bring great benefits to our customers and their formulations.”

This bio-courier technology centres on sustainability by using biodegradable silicon particles to increase stability, solubility and the performance of active ingredients. Utilising its R&D and regulatory knowledge, Croda will use this ProSilic technology in the healthcare market. It will also invest in research projects to support its entry into broader industrial applications.


Speeding up technology

Croda’s injection of investment contributed significantly to  SiSaf’s latest round of capital funding as its patented technology moves towards commercially launching its drug delivery solution onto the marketplace.

As SiSaf hopes its latest partnership will enable the brand to bring its technology to the marketplace faster, Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Founder and CEO of SiSaf, relayed: “This is more than an investment of capital. It is an investment in our belief that good science equals good business.”

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