COVID-19 is “leaving its mark” on the aluminium aerosol industry

The COVID-19 pandemic is "leaving its mark" on the aluminium aerosol industry, according to the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL).

The organisation said the pandemic is leaving a "trail of destruction" in its wake in multiple branches of the industry across the globe. AEROBAL says government-imposed curfews and restrictions on mobility, including cross-border movement, and the closures of companies are causing considerable disruption within the "tightly-woven" international supply chains.

In many countries, packaging has already been identified as a crucial part of the system, helping to supply the population with food, healthcare and pharmaceutical products, thus being exempt from restrictions. Supermarkets, chemists and pharmacies are staying open to ensure the public has supplies of packaged food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

However, according to AEROBAL, the closure of businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons is reflected in the decreasing demand from clients in the aerosol industry. Uncertainty surrounding job losses and reduced working hours are also impacting consumer purchasing.

AEROBAL president Leopold Werdich said: "Despite all the adversities caused by the crisis, continued operation of food and chemists' shops and pharmacies coupled with the packaging industry being recognised as an important part of system-relevant supply chains means that, with a few exceptions in certain countries, the industry is far less affected by the cuts than other industrial sectors. Certain market segments are even enjoying something of a temporary boom in demand."

The huge increase in disinfectant production worldwide is creating unexpected business opportunities for aluminium aerosol can manufacturers, according to AEROBAL. Manufacturers of aluminium aerosol cans offer "safe and reliable and easy-to-handle" solutions for hygiene and pharmaceutical products that meet stringent requirements. Werdich added: "While making the health of our own workforce a priority, our industry will do its best to make a responsible contribution to ensuring the public has an uninterrupted supply of these important products."

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