Coster Group launches new actuator and publishes debut sustainability report

Leading manufacturer in the aerosol and dispensing packaging industry, Coster Group, releases its Sferino actuator and sustainability report to further its commercial and eco-friendly initiatives.

Coster Group designs and produces a wide range of actuators and spray caps for aerosol valves. Available in both standard and exclusive customised applications, Coster publishes its first sustainability report to unveil the economic, environmental and social impacts of the company’s activities.


New actuator launch

Using the company’s Platform Actuator technology, Coster unveils its latest spray actuator, named Sferino, for deo and antiperspirant products. These can be fitted on standard 1-inch aerosol valves.

Created with an ergonomic shape and featuring a “masculine attitude”, Coster supplies its new Sferino actuators with standard overcaps for alcohol-based deodorants and specifically, products with components in suspension such as antiperspirant deodorants.


Actuator range

Its newly-launched actuator sits alongside its established actuator product range, which comprises of:

●     Twist for alcohol-based deodorants, sun sprays, hair sprays and antiperspirant deodorants;

●     Capri for deodorants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sunscreens and household items;

●     Milano for personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sunscreens and household goods;

●     Rotor for sunscreens, topical sprays and deodorant and antiperspirant spray products, and;

●     Crystal actuators designed for alcohol-based deodorants and products containing components in suspension.

Along with producing actuators for foams, gels, liquid and viscous products, Coster also strategises and develops tailored actuators, complete with specific functions and special characteristics.


Sustainability first

Emphasising its “responsibility towards all stakeholders both internal and outside our factories”, Coster’s debut sustainability report, and sustainability and social responsibility group aims to communicate governance strategies and policies into assessments, material action plans, objectives, metrics, monitoring and accountable reporting.

To help it reach its objectives, Coster is adopting a systematic approach and adhering to guidelines established by ISO 26000, a socially responsible international standard.

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