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Cosmar, despite being a small company, is now one of the leading companies for innovation and technology in the aerosol market, which is why it is exhibiting at Interpack 2023, said Fabio Barozzi, Cosmar's managing director.
In the last three years, in which we have undergone a pandemic and then an international crisis as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Cosmar has dedicated efforts to developing new technologies as applied to aerosol filling machines.
The company has designed much new equipment, primarily for pharmaceutical applications, but not solely.
Consequently, Cosmar sees its participation in Interpack as representing an important opportunity to show off some of its latest creations.
For example, the company is exhibiting an innovative machine called Virgo, which has flexibility and compactness as its main features
The machine will be equipped with some of the innovative solutions for perfumery, BOV filling, leak testing and micro filling for MDI process. This is a hypothetical machine, which, for the exhibition, has been equipped with all stations in one product. Nevertheless, the machine is foreseen to be installed to achieve one process at a time.
In the perfumery process, the filling is usually done by levelling the liquid in the glass bottle. This filling method is performed by using a vacuum circuit to aspirate the liquid and create the level inside the bottle.
One inconvenience of this system is the vapour of the perfume, which could be evacuated in the environment around the machine. Cosmar has developed a new innovative process, whereby the liquid is sucked inside the closed circuit, created by a special pumping system. This system has been conceived in order to avoid the spraying of vapour and lost of concentration of the perfume.
The system is able to generate the vacuum from a tank that is pumped into the bottle. Any overcoming product is recovered by the closed circuit.
The filling nozzle is equipped with a capillary tube suitable for the smallest bottle-neck size, such as the roll-on, as well as for larger ones in line with the traditional 20mm size of perfume bottles.
The other innovative system Cosmar will present is related to the ointment filling.
Usually, the inconvenience in this filling process is the risk of dripping after filling the BOV. The head presented has been designed to create a recovery syringe system, able to hold the dripping after filling and refilling action during dosage of the liquid inside the BOV.
This process is mainly used for edible oil filling that nowadays represents an important growth in many countries.
Another presentation from Cosmar will be the leak testing head. This head, together with an accurate and sensitive pressure transducer from E+H, is able to detect the micro leakage in the filled aerosol cans. This head can be installed in this indexing machine as well as in the bigger rotative unit in order to improve production capacity.
It has to completely align with internal Quality Assurance to guarantee the entire process of filled aerosol production.
The last head represents the highest technology applied to the micro-filling process. Usually, this head is used in the MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler). This head has some important features that help the process perform well.
For example, the adjustment of the opening of the nozzle. A double screw nut can be rotated to fix the opening of the nozzle to better adapt the filling to the volume to be filled. The micro nozzle made in advanced polymer is shaped to create a linear flow during the filling.
In this Interpack edition, Cosmar will also be supported by Majesty Packaging Group, the holding company that represents the biggest opportunity to have a real synergy between valves and machinery offers.
The future of Cosmar will be more challenging, as in Italy we will be structuring to make valves as well, in order to enlarge our target, said Barozzi.
Majesty Group has the biggest production capacity in this market, and Cosmar is confident that, together, the companies will be able to satisfy the highest level of demand - in terms of a quality-first approach, and in process and logistics organisation.

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