Controlling waste at the source: a new approach

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This is the mantra of the waste stream. Do something about the waste before it reaches landfill, or the inside of a whale. Controlling waste at the source, which method is the best way? In my opinion, it is imperative to avoid creating waste in the first place.

As simple as that sounds, knowing how to approach and implement this concept is not easy. Firstly, it is necessary to define what a good product looks like. For an aerosol product, the following are part of that definition:

• The can must be filled with the correct amount of the correct product

• The correct valve needs to be affixed correctly to the can

• The can must be filled with the specified grade and quantity of the propellant

• The aesthetics of the container must be correct, with no scuffs or dents

• The correct packaging must be used and assembled correctly

• The product must be safety tested to ensure it is safe to place on the market

Industry standard

Most of the requirements above apply to all aerosol products available on the market and are...

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