Conquering canmaker challenges: Blema talks turnkey integration, downgauging and embossing

The 3-piece aerosol can manufacturing process can cause difficulties. General manager and chief operating officer at Blema, Sebastian Leonhardt discusses turnkey integration, downgauging and embossing and how canmakers overcome the challenges that they face.

Today, we are living in a world of ever greater complexity. The challenges faced by canmakers, fillers, and machine manufacturers alike are growing by the day. Time-to-market is narrowing to a tiny window, batches are growing smaller and prototype machines are being put into a 24/7 production regime. On top of this, qualified technical staff are becoming increasingly harder to find, especially in Western Countries. As the older generation of engineers and technicians are slowly transitioning into retirement, not enough young people are picking up the jobs.

Focusing on the three-piece steel aerosol can manufacturing process, there are three main factors which contribute to its complexity. While there are industry standards like those published by the FEA, the problem lies within small discrepancies in the dimensions of aerosol can body, dome and bottom which create the classic dilemma of...

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