Comite Francais des Aerosols 2018 filling statistics, a year of growth

The Comite Francais des Aerosols (CFA) recently released the 2018 aerosol filling statistics for France. Overall, aerosols were filled to a 1.5% volume increase in 2018 over 2017, with 696 million units filled.

The report refers to innovation being a growth stimulator, particularly the “continuous process of improving aerosol dispensers” that the industry embraces. “Valves manufacturers regularly innovate to optimize the spray quality and the adequacy between the content and its type of application,” states the report.

Looking to 2019 figures, the report highlights the “Egalim” law, in the context of regulatory or political events potentially affecting the industry, “Promulgated on 1st November 2018, the law for the trade relations in the agricultural sector and a healthy and sustainable diet (EGalim law) could impact aerosol dispensers’ activity in France next year. The “insecticides” segment could be directly affected (pending the publication and the application of the decree). Indeed, it will be forbidden to put some biocidal products in self-service for non-professional users. Advertising in the direction of non-professional users, as well as discounts, rebates and reduction in prices on certain other categories of these products, will also be prohibited.”

For specific industry segments, personal care aerosols saw an increase of 3.5% for a total volume filled of 444.6 million units. Homecare aerosols saw a 17% increase for a total volume filled of 62 million units.

Sub-categories pharmacy and veterinary products, as well as food and miscellaneous were down, but cars and bikes, paints and varnishes and industrial and technical saw a 17.6% filling-volume increase in 2018.

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