Colep publishes sustainability report

Aerosols and liquids contract manufacturer Colep has published its first sustainability report. The company describes the report as proof of its ‘commitment to integrating sustainability’ into its business.

The central focus of the report is the outlining of five pillars of sustainability that Colep believes are crucial to improving sustainability within the firm’s global operations and products. The five pillars are: energy, waste, water, products and people.

Colep claims that the report provides transparency in the value chain of the business, disclosing the environmental, social, health and safety performance of Colep’s operations for the reporting period of 2017.

The progress is measured against 2020 environmental goals.

“With the launch of our Sustainability Report we demonstrate our commitment to supporting our customers to achieve their own sustainability goals, in line with the market’s increasing demand for sustainable packaging, products and solutions,” said Grant Coupland, Colep sustainability director.

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