Colep and Henkel partner to produce lightweight Syoss cans

Leading player in the consumer goods packaging and contract manufacturing industries, Colep, will collaborate with beauty, home and adhesive technology name Henkel to produce a lightweight alternative. 

Together, the duo will collaborate to create lightweight tinplate cans for Colep’s professional hairstyling brand, Syoss.

Reducing the can’s weight by 18%, Syoss’ new hair styling aerosol cans were inspired by sustainable packaging trends that use fewer materials, energy and water. Adopting a strategic and design thinking-based approach, Jose Oliveira, Industrial Director Metal Packaging, Colep, commented on how through “combining mathematical models, process investments and new materials”, the company is “reducing the material consumption in the three metal components”.

Using ‘double reduction material, which boasts harder material with a thinner wall, and a new seaming station, Colep and Henkel will lower the aerosols’ wall thickness by approximately 22%. In designing the new lighter cans in this way, the producers were able to create the same level of “performance, mechanical and chemical resistance assuring all the safety”, Oliveira went on to say.

The new lightweight cans support Henkel’s efforts to lower its environmental footprint, Philippe Blank, Head of Packaging Innovation and Sustainability at Henkel’s Beauty Care Division, emphasised: “The new double-reduced tinplate aerosol cans deliver an important contribution to reach our corporate sustainability goals to achieve more with less and enable us to save up to 1,000 tons of CO2.”

In further efforts to strength and expand its brand, Henkel has constructed a global innovation centre for adhesive technologies. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the production unit plans to support the beauty, home and laundry care company’s commitment to creating new technologies and industry-wide applications.


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