Clean Earth expected to process 13 million aerosol cans in 2020

Clean Earth is expected to process around 13 million aerosol cans in 2020, breaking its previous record.

Clean Earth, a major speciality waste company in the US, announced that its Aerosol Recycling System is expected to recycle 85% more aerosol cans than in 2015. Processing pressurised steel cans, aluminium cans, plastics, and glass, the company has already surpassed its record year in 2017.

According to the company, this milestone is a direct result of its proven history of Final Rule compliance, health and safety initiatives, and its one-of-a-kind recycling system technology, which is designed to serve all industries that produce aerosol, loose-spec paint, and other commodity waste.

“It’s exciting to have bypassed one of our core company goals this year for the Aerosol Recycling System, which was the processing of 11.4 million aerosol cans, by millions, to reach this milestone today,” said Clean Earth’s vice-president of operations, Hector Sanchez.

“Our mission for Clean Earth’s aerosol services directly aligns with our goals for sustainability – to ultimately go green as a company and for zero components to end up in landfill.

“We’re committed to providing a 100% sustainable solution for aerosol waste for our customers and remaining a cutting-edge vendor with market-leading technology features.”

Clean Earth’s hazardous waste facility is in Morgantown, West Virginia, and processes aerosol cans received ‘from coast to coast’. Nearly 3 billion aerosol cans are produced in the US annually. Morgantown’s processing systems are designed to manage aerosol waste and Clean Earth’s network is projected to expand with additional recycling processing units by 2022.

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