Brands face losing customers over excessive packaging, study reveals

Most UK consumers would switch to a different brand because it uses less packaging, according to a recent study by leading global paper and packing group, Mondi.

According to its survey of more than 2,000 people ages 16-75 across the UK (conducted by Ipsos MORI), southerners outside of London are the most likely to make the switch, with consumers from London, Scotland and Wales following closely behind.

The results show that brands face losing customers over excessive packaging. Mondi’s survey showed that just under six out of 10 (58%) of UK consumers say that when shopping for food and everyday household items, they would switch to an alternative brand because it uses less packaging. The survey also showed that women are leading the drive to switch, with six out of 10 UK women saying they would switch to brands with less packaging; just over five out of 10 (54%) of men agreed.

Xennials – typically born in the late 1970s to early 1980s – are more likely to switch brands than Baby Boomers and Gen X. Just under two-thirds (65%) of 35-44-year-olds (Xennials) say they would switch to a different brand because it used less packaging. In comparison, just five out of 10 Generation Xers (54%) and Baby Boomers (52%) would agree.

“It is encouraging to see that consumers are willing to make different choices to accommodate more sustainable packaging,” said Sara Sizer, group communication and marketing director at Mondi. “For brands, the survey results highlight the importance of incorporating sustainability in their packaging development and production.

“At Mondi, we make packaging that is sustainable by design, by focusing on the purpose of packaging, reducing the volume of raw material used and developing fit-for-purpose paper and plastic packaging that is designed for recycling or reuse.”

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