Borneans urged to use aerosol sprays to tackle dengue fever outbreak

The Ministry of Health in Borneo is advising people to take preventative measures against dengue fever.

Using aerosol sprays and frequently cleaning the house are the two key pieces of advice provided by the ministry. According to the mayor of Miri (a city on Borneo’s northwest coast) Adam Yii, only one area of the city (Taman Tunku) has been found to have a dengue outbreak.

The Department of Health Sarawak reported 49 cases from January to 12 August 2019. However, there were no dengue fever cases recorded in the same period last year.

Speaking about the recommended preventative measures, Mayor Adam Yii said: “These include periodically inspecting and cleaning their house compound or area and ensuring that there are no containers that can become Aedes mosquito breeding grounds, using aerosol spray or mosquito repellent to kill adult mosquitoes.”

According to the Borneo Post, Yii also said that comprehensive control and prevention actions were being carried out, such as the elimination of mosquito breeding grounds and larvae, fogging and educational activities.


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