BikeMaster launches new maintenance aerosol products

BikeMaster has launched new aerosol cleaning products and lubricants for motorcycles, UTVs and dirt bikes.

Based in Texas, US, BikeMaster’s new performance chemicals are suited for use on bikes that operate in environments with heat, road grime, dirt and mud. The new offering includes contact cleaner, penetrating gel lubricant, brake cleaner, chain wax, and dirt defence aerosols, resulting from a partnership with a premier US manufacturer of chemical aerosols.

“Motorcycles and UTVs live in a really harsh environment,” said Cynthia Beck, product manager for Tucker Powersports’ BikeMaster.

“Components exposed to road grime, heat, dust, dirt and mud need special care, so great lubricants and cleaners are vital for anyone who owns one.

“Adventure bike and street bike owners may not even realise the care needed to keep their high-performance motorcycle in tip-top condition. That’s why these products have a place in every garage.”

BikeMaster Contact Cleaner is safe for use on most plastics, rubber and metal because it is non-staining and non-corrosive. It features a quick-drying formula that evaporates quickly, leaving no residue, and is perfect for cleaning electronic equipment, printed circuit boards and switches. This product is available in a 13.5 oz (approx. 400 ml) spray aerosol can.

BikeMaster Brake Cleaner is designed for every rider or UTV driver. It offers ‘superior cleaning power’ that extends beyond brakes. The cleaner quickly and effectively dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from brakes, rotors, drums, pads, shoes, wheel cylinders and other parts. It is formulated with non-chlorinated 10% VOC and comes in a 15 oz (approx 443 ml) aerosol can.

Formulated especially for chain-driven vehicles, BikeMaster Chain Wax provides long-lasting lubrication and protection from friction, wear, and corrosion. It is fast-acting with light viscosity for deep penetration into hard to reach chain components. The product displaces moisture and is ideal for extreme conditions, protecting chains against rust and corrosion. This product is available in a 10 oz (approx 295 ml) spray aerosol can.

To bring out the shine on a vehicle, BikeMaster Dirt Defense is a fast-drying dressing, formulated to clean and shine vinyl and plastic surfaces (not for use on rubber). The product is designed to lay flat with no wiping necessary, while the misting action reaches inaccessible areas like vents and other small crevices. It comes in a 12 oz (approx 354 ml) aerosol can.

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