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Rafael Alan Silveira is head of packaging development – R&D Hub LATAM at Beiersdorf. He informs World Aerosols of Beiersdorf’s focus on sustainability, and of the importance of collaborative endeavour
Latin America is a very important market for Beiersdorf, Silveira told World Aerosols, because it is a region with 21 countries and approximately 650 million people.
“In LATAM and Brazil in particular, we have one of the biggest deodorants and bar soap markets, and for this reason we have established the R&D Innovation hub in São Paulo state-Brazil as a centre of excellence for these categories,” he added.
A shared responsibility has been established with Beiersdorf’s Hamburg headquarters, where Brian King is the organisation’s head of global deodorants packaging.
Silveira’s team’s role in Brazil is to connect with Beiersdorf’s global pipeline of projects and to ensure that the cross-category packaging development and innovations are aligned with global strategy, he said.
The sustainability question
World Aerosols asked about any major initiatives Silveira had...

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