BAMA’s Innovation Day returns on 19 April

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The British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) will hold its well-loved Innovation Day on 19 April at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England.
This year's focus will be on various aspects of environmental sustainability and the circular economy, with mono-material products, composite containers, refillable aerosol solutions and even forthcoming propellants from non-fossil fuels forming the agenda.
It is the sixth time the event will be held, with BAMA stating that it has grown from a classroom-style audience of 50-odd people facing a TV screen flanked by presenters, to a full 150-seat auditorium with an adjoining exhibition hall.
Attendance is free, although visitors are required to pre-register online, and the event is open to non-BAMA members.
BAMA said the event's accessibility, the relevance and novelty of the presentations and the networking opportunities on offer explain the growing number of visitors from the UK and abroad.
With its Innovation Day, the trade association aims to complement its two-day conference in October with technical content for packaging technologists and formulators.
It added that aerosol products sit at the intersection of three sectors: packaging, chemicals and consumer goods.
Therefore, the presentations programme is varied, with each speaker able to answer questions from the audience both in the auditorium and at their table in the exhibition hall.
The exibition hall allows people to watch on-screen simulations, physical demonstrations of how a solution works or even handle samples and prototypes.
In 2022, topics ranged from laser measurement of particles within fluid dynamics to new dispensing formats for antiperspirants - and even the application of Artificial Intelligence to forecast performance and avoid long prototype testing at the product design and development stage.
From recyclable actuators and spraycaps technology by the likes of Weener Plastics and Precision, to gas-free home refillable cans from Fillinfinite and Greenspense, there will be plenty for aerosol scientists and marketeers to examine, enjoy and report back to their workplace, said BAMA.
New equipment such as the Re-Spray in-store aerosol refilling machine, launched and operating in Hungary, as well as Polytag’s tracking of individual products offer ready-to-market options to speed up the UK's progress towards a circular packaging market.
While the tables in the exhibition hall have all been booked, there are still opportunities for late-comers to attend, by registering via the BAMA website.
Registration is required to ensure name-tags, seats. Most importantly, refreshments are available for everyone, added BAMA.
View the full programme and register here.

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