Ball report finds consumers increasingly prefer sustainably packaged products

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Ball Corporation, a leading global provider of sustainable aluminum packaging, has released a new report that highlights growing consumer demand for sustainable aluminum packaging options.
The Aluminum Bottles Report synthesises results from a global consumer survey that reveal a market opportunity for household and personal care brands to diversify their packaging mix with aluminum so that it meets the sustainability preferences of today’s consumers and enables a circular economy, where materials can be – and actually are – used again and again.
“The Aluminum Bottles Report introduces an exciting market opportunity for brands to expand the use of aluminum packaging in the household and personal care space,” said Jay Billings, president, Ball Aerosol Packaging.
“At Ball, we know consumers want to buy products that are not only convenient and capable, but also better for the environment. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers to meet this demand with innovative and recyclable aluminum packaging solutions.”
Global results from the survey point to growing consumer attention on the sustainability attributes and recyclability of products. In fact, 45% of consumers surveyed cited "environmentally friendly" as extremely important when it comes to household and personal care products.
Additionally, 40% of consumers surveyed noted that they are inspired to make a purchase by on-package claims of "better for the environment" and "uses less plastic," and 50% noted that they prefer household and personal care packaging that is easy to recycle.
The report also shares findings on consumer sentiment toward common packaging substrates – aluminum, cardboard, glass and plastic.
Overall, consumers demonstrated a preference for household and personal care product packaging that is not only sustainable but also convenient, premium and safe. These results also shed light on takeaways for specific rooms in the house – including the bathroom, where consumers prefer durability and unbreakability.
“As consumers continue to demonstrate a growing preference for environmentally friendly products, there is an incredible opportunity for household and personal care brands to introduce new and innovative packaging options that are better for the planet,” said Victoria Marletta, vice-president commercial, Ball Aerosol Packaging.
“In particular, we’re excited about the potential to leverage aluminum packaging in the bathroom. For packaging hair care products, deodorant, lotions and more, aluminum bottles are a premium, durable and infinitely recyclable option that also stands out on the shelf.”
The report is based on a survey conducted of more than 1,500 end consumers across the US, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France and Germany. Within each country, a balanced sample of nationally representative consumers who had purchased a household or personal care product in the past 60 days was surveyed. Respondents were asked to share their opinions, preferences, and behaviors related to the purchase and usage of household and personal care products.

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