Ball, Lindal and Reabrook develop hand sanitiser aerosol

Ball Aerosol Packaging Devizes (UK) has collaborated with Reabrook and LINDAL Group to design, produce and fill 25,000 cans of Rainbow hand sanitiser.

As part of the company’s continued efforts to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Ball worked with the firms to develop the aerosol, which required 12 weeks of stability testing, conducted after the successful formula was developed.

The final product is effective against all enveloped viruses, according to Ball. The hand sanitiser is packaged in Ball’s aluminium aerosol cans and accommodates Lindal’s valve and actuator technology. The product is to be filled on one of Reabrook’s high-speed filling lines and safety checked with leak detection and pressure testing to ensure the product is safe for consumer use.

The slim, light-weight design of Ball’s eco-friendly cans are printed using Eyeris® HD printing technology to “vibrantly communicate” how to stay safe during the pandemic. The cans are made from aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable and allows them to be easily and safely disposed of, helping to reduce the risk of contamination.

“At Ball, we are committed to supporting communities with meaningful and impactful actions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Natalie Cox, senior key account manager at Ball Aerosol Packaging.

“The communities where we live and work are an integral part of who we are, and during this time of great need, we want to share our expertise to fight the virus and protect those near and dear to us.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with Reabrook and Lindal to produce a concrete product to stop the virus from spreading in our communities.”

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