Ball Aerosol Packaging presents high-definition printing technology

Aerosol can manufacturer Ball Aerosol Packaging has launched its new Eyeris proprietary printing technique,, Eyeris. The brand offers a high-definition printing technology that gives aluminium aerosol customers the opportunity to access and embrace photo-realistic packaging designs.

The company creates sustainable packaging solutions for personal product, household care and beverage customers. It is also relevant for aerospace and other technologies and services applicable for use by the US government.


Conventional versus contemporary

Eyeris seeks to overcome the problem associated with how graphics are displayed when using traditional offset printing. It aims to modernise aerosol can designs to feature photo-realistic packaging without digital printing.

Adopting an engagement-led packaging and marketing strategy, Eyeris’ HD imagery wraps 360 degrees of the can to boost brand awareness and leverage premium product differentiation to connect consumers and companies.


Leveraging the natural trend

As the natural trend expands throughout the personal care segment and competitive retail market, this packaging technique strives to support a shift towards natural-based packaging.

This proprietary technique can print life-like imagery such as leaves, flowers and landscapes on its aluminium cans.

The new Eyeris high-definition technology is currently available across Europe, North America and India.


Brand impact

“This unique technology will transform our customers’ ability to harness the increasing power of imagery and storytelling, truly representing the next generation of aluminium aerosol printing,” highlights Jason Galley, Global Innovation and Business Development director, Ball Aerosol Packaging.

Harnessing the “buzz in the industry for digital printing”, Galley added, “We know the market is clamouring for inventive solutions to create standout packaging.”

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