Aurena to develop products using Aptar Pharma’s PureHale technology

Image: Aptar Pharma
Image: Aptar Pharma
Aurena Laboratories is developing private label products based on Aptar Pharma’s PureHale® bag-on-valve (BoV) technology platform.

PureHale is the industry’s first portable, ready-to-use, nebuliser-like device designed for upper respiratory care. It is a cordless delivery solution that comes pre-filled and helps users to prevent or relieve their symptoms on the go.

Compared with standard BoV devices, PureHale creates smaller particles to dispense a soft, fine mist that can be used to deliver various formulations to the upper respiratory tract. It can also be used for topical applications, as well as aromatherapy.

Aurena is preparing to offer Aptar Pharma’s PureHale platform for use with saline or other natural ingredient formulations to help treat upper respiratory system conditions such as coughs, colds, allergies, dry nose and throat.

The firm will also offer contract manufacturing services based on PureHale technology, offering more opportunities for product developers.

PureHale provides a range of options for customisable product solutions including a choice of 30ml, 50ml, or 85ml packaging sizes, and interchangeable mask and mouthpiece solutions. Since PureHale utilises industry-established BoV filling processes, existing BoV product lines can be easily adapted for PureHale filling with minimal parameter changes.
Image: Aptar Pharma

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